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     What is hypnotherapy? In simple terms it is the use of hypnosis to achieve a therapeutic result. It is different from Stage Hypnosis, which is essentially an exercise performed for entertainment. Hypnosis is not magic neither is it mind control. Hypnosis is a form of a trance and is almost like daydreaming with the exception that hypnosis is intentionally induced. Hypnosis allows the subconscious mind to be focused on a single idea or thought.

All hypnosis is “self-hypnosis” which means that the hypnotherapist needs the help of the client. A majority of humans can be hypnotised fairly easily, while a minority find it difficult to get into that relaxed trance state for a variety of reasons.


     We all have a conscious and an unconscious/

subconscious mind and when the conscious mind is convinced to take a backseat to the subconscious mind, suggestions can be made and accepted by the subconscious mind. As an example when a client is in a hypnotic state a suggestion can be made to him/her that the taste of tobacco is repulsive. When this person comes out of the hypnotic state and tries to smoke a cigarette he will be repulsed by the taste.


     Hypnosis is safe and a person cannot get stuck in a hypnotic trance. A person in that trance state can open their eyes at any time and get up and leave the room. Persons can be given suggestions to do things that they would not normally do wile out of trance.


     The mind is powerful beyond our wildest imagination, but it is greatly underutilised. Most persons have heard about the Placebo Effect, which is proof of the healing power of the mind. Through the use of hypnosis this inner power can be utilised to improve our lives, free us from unnecessary fears, boost our self-esteem, free us from harmful addictions and heal the mind and body.


     Hypnosis is not like a truth serum and persons in hypnosis will not divulge their innermost secrets and to ensure that the most ethical standards are adhered to all hypnosis sessions are audio recorded and the client receives a copy of that recording.


Dear Enos,

I am writing to thank you for the marvelous assistance you rendered in helping me move towards my goal of being a “healthier, fitter me”. An important part of that process was making the right choices, both in terms of diet and with respect to the will power/ desire to choose exercise over a sedentary activity.

I expressed my typical Trinidadian reservations at the potential effectiveness of hypnosis as an avenue to help me achieve my goals, but I am moved to say that I am very glad I approached this with an open mind. I believe that the two (2) sessions that we had went a very long way towards getting me to that final destination.

I have since seen a marked improvement not only in my attitude towards exercise, but also in my food choices. I almost routinely choose the healthy option. And regardless of the type of food, healthy or “less than healthy (lol) I am mindful of my portion size.

Another positive I would like to thank you for is the recordings of the sessions provided to me. Listening to them intermittently has had the desire effect; hearing the reasons why and the benefits that will accrue from my choices reinforces my will to continue.

So thank you. I would definitely recommend to anyone that they try hypnosis to assist in the achievement of their particular goal (or goals). And while I do not have anyone else to benchmark you against, the quality of the service and, of course, the results I have had with you are a strong enough reason for me to recommend your services to anyone!

Wishing you many more success stories like mine.

Warm regards,

R T - Trinidad & Tobago


Unable to relax

Lack of Patience


Teeth Grinding

Stress Reduction

Taking Exams





Coping with loss

Here is a list of conditions which can be addressed with the help of hypnotherapy:

FEARS & PHOBIAS                                                                  




















This list is in no way complete, and does not address issues that can be addressed through Regressive Hypnosis.

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