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"I admired the way how Enos guided me through this gate, and I felt the greatest comfort by knowing he is carefully watching over every segments of my process.  I would choose him again. It is a pleasure to have him to teach me all the way to master those new skills."      

S Toth (Hungary)

The first night I listened to the relaxation tape I struggled to stay awake to listen to it in its entirety. It was so soothing but I wanted to listen to the end.  I was  sold on it after the first few minutes.   I am so excited and grateful to finally find a non-prescription solution for my insomnia. Alleluia!! I  find the tape highly effective and I love to listen to it as it gently soothes and relaxes  me as I drift off to sleep.  Mr. Anderson’s soothing voice blocks all competing thoughts as I gently fall asleep.   I was so pleasantly surprised and grateful  that it actually works.  The routine is  easy to memorize and is quite easy to follow.  I highly recommend it.   - JAG - NY


     Enos Anderson

     One of the earliest memories of my childhood which I can still remember was a conversation I had with myself about the meaning of life. I remember asking myself; why should we work so hard to acquire knowledge if it all goes to waste when we die? It seemed pretty pointless. Out of the blue a thought popped into my head; what if your memory does not die with the body, what if it survives what we call death? Well that set off a chain reaction in my brain and with every question came an answer as if the answers were just waiting for me to ask.


    The answers I received from my inner voice made a lot of sense to me but was contrary to everything I had heard or been taught, but I was brave enough to share this with a few persons who encouraged me by laughing at me saying I was crazy. Death was not real, acquired knowledge does not die with the body, we live many lives one after the other until we achieve perfection, but to what end. When we have learned all our lessons we re-join the Source from which we came.




Stress Relief, Grief Management, Self Esteem Building, Phobias, Addictions and Healing the Mind.

Past Life Regression


Healing the mind, healing the present by finding the root causes in the past, connecting with loved ones.

Healthy Living Life Style Changes

Stop being a slave to yo-yo diets that do not work, join me for a week at our scenic retreat location in Clarendon, Jamaica, high up in the mountains, far from the maddening crowd. Enjoy a laid back relaxing week while you learn how to become happy and healthy through our lifestyle change program. 


Dr Brian Weiss & Enos Anderson
Dr Brian Weiss & Enos Anderson

Enos Anderson
Enos Anderson

15.03 Hypnosis - The Past Life Regression Academy Mexico
15.03 Hypnosis - The Past Life Regression Academy Mexico

Dr Brian Weiss & Enos Anderson
Dr Brian Weiss & Enos Anderson





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