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Healthy Living Lifestyle Changes

Stop being a slave to yo-yo diets that do not work. Join me for a week at our scenic retreat location in Clarendon, Jamaica, high up in the mountains, far from the maddening crowd. Enjoy a laid back relaxing week while you learn how to become happy and healthy through our lifestyle change program. 

Most of us have struggled with health problems at some point in our lives. Problems such as inflammation, being overweight, aches and pains, and stress have plagued most humans and we have been taught to approach each problem singularly. We are constantly bombarded with diet solutions for our overweight problem, but most of these diets only work temporarily. We enjoy a short period of success only to regain the few pounds which we lost.

To achieve a healthy you and maintain that healthy you, a wholesome approach to life must be adopted. A mind at ease can and will make better choices, a physically fit body will utilize the ingested food more efficiently and the satisfaction derived from making better food choices and getting exercise will reduce your stress levels and improve your self-esteem.


Make better food choices.


Consume 2 meals per day without gaining any weight


Learn the art of meditation to calm the mind and reduce stress


Benefit from our self esteem building hypnosis training sessions.


Recognize that you are capable of achieving a healthy mind and a healthy body.

At Healing the Mind Healing the Body we will guide you to achieving that healthy you by assisting you to make those healthy food choices and with hypnosis we will work with you to make those decisions on a subconscious level. We make many decisions each day without any conscious thought; for example, when we get out of bed we do not consciously decide which foot to throw off the bed first, no, we just do it. The same can be done for making choices about what we eat and how much.


Exercise plays a major role in keeping us healthy, but one does not need to be enslaved by a gym regimen to get enough exercise. I get most of my exercise by planting and tending my vegetable garden and walking a half hour each morning to fetch the daily paper. Yes, I know that not everyone has their own vegetable garden. Walking is an excellent exercise that is easy on the joints because of its low impact and if done outdoors, close to nature it has the added benefit of calming the mind.

With our guided relaxation hypnotic audio tapes or simple meditation, our clients can experience a calming of the mind which translates into reduced stress levels. When we start to live a life of reduced stress, making better food choices and getting some physical exercise, amazing things happen to us; we realize that we are happier more often, we are in a better mood and our self-esteem grows.  A starvation diet does not help, that is why we recommend two meals of varying sizes each day, with an eighteen-hour period of zero calorie intake. There is a place for Autophagy and we will discuss how, and when to use it. An individual cannot feel motivated and happy if they are not satisfied. We aim to work with you to achieve that satisfaction you will feel when you know and feel that you are a healthier you.

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