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Energy Healing

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What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is not new to mankind, it was practiced by the Egyptians thousands of years ago, but for some reason modern medicine has eclipsed its use. Fear and greed now drives many to grab a quick fix, even if that quick fix comes with serious and even life threatening side effects. I have been reluctant to speak about this innate ability because I fear how others will see me or judge me but I have now come to see my reluctance as an act of selfishness. Let’s remove the stigma from Energy Healing and let the world benefit.


My vision is that very soon, when humans are in need of healing or medical treatment they will be presented with Energy Healing as an option alongside what is called mainstream medicine and practitioners of this art will no longer have to hide in the shadows for fear of ridicule.


My Discovery and Journey into Energy Healing.

My mother and I had a real close relationship while she was incarnate and that relationship continues today while she is discarnate.

I open this conversation with mention of my mother because I credit her with opening my eyes to the power of Energy Healing. About thirty years ago I was at home with my parents when my mother asked me to snap the clasp on her bra for her, a task which she normally handled by herself. She said she needed help because the pain in her back made it impossible. We had been trying a number of remedies to ease her back pain for months but nothing was working. While snapping the hooks she said this back pain just won’t give me a break, but if you would put your hand on it, that would ease the pain. I loved my mom and it pained me to see her in pain and be helpless, and I would do anything to help her. Her request was shocking to me because we had never spoken about the laying on of hands or energy healing, but like a good son I complied by laying a loving hand on her back with the intention that it would alleviate her pain. To my dismay the relief was instant and the pain never returned. We did not speak about what happened.

At that juncture in my life I knew nothing about energy healing. I was aware of stories of Jesus healing the sick and thought maybe God had used my hand to heal my mother’s back pain. To be honest I did not think too much about what happened until years later when my wife had to have a biopsy on her kidney. The biopsy left her in excruciating pain that night and there was no medication to help her. I was at a loss about what to do to help her, at that moment I remembered what happened with my mom years ago. I figured if it worked for my mother it should work for my wife. I passed the palm of my hand over her Kinney area and a miracle happened, her pain went away and she was able to get a good night’s rest.

This scenario was repeated over and over again over the years. What role did I play besides passing my hand over the affected areas? With introspection I saw that the common thread was that I had great love for the person, I had a single intention to heal their suffering and I wanted nothing in return. During this time I never shared what was happening with anyone. I was scared of what people might think of me and my claims. Years later I decided to share this secret with my second wife. To her credit she is a sceptic, but willing to experience for

herself. I eventually did some healing for her. This was good for both of us; I realised that there are times when the energy is not strong enough, plus I got feedback for the first time on what was felt during the energy transfer. I found out that the recipient actually felt something.

At some point I started feeling like I was special because of my ability to heal. I thought I was gifted. This feeling of being special did not last long because I had a vision where an old man standing in front of a small shack told me that what I was doing was not special because we all have the ability to do energy healing. He also said I should not worry myself with the biology of the parts being healed because energy was intelligent. By this time I had gotten involved with Reincarnation and Past Lives and many mysterious things started to make sense to me. I had been to London to experience a Past Life Regression under Hypnosis.


The experience was life changing and validated so much for me. There was a family member that was suffering with chronic shoulder pain and I wanted to help and my wife was expecting me to help, but I found myself unable to offer that help. My wife, Almida, asked me why I was not helping I told her I felt as if something was blocking me, maybe I have lost the ability or I have lost confidence in myself. It was about this time that we took another trip to England and I decided to use the opportunity to see another Hypnotist to experience being Home, that place where we hang out when not incarnated. The Hypnotist asked me “what are some of the questions you would like answered by the Wise beings at home?. One of my questions was, why do I feel blocked sometimes when I want to offer healing to someone? While in this Life Between Life realm you can have a life review with some enlightened Souls. That’s when I asked my burning question. The Soul in the middle drew my attention to a pendant resting on its chest, it was the most beautiful blue stone I have ever seen, I was told that when the desire arises to heal I should look in my mind’s eye at that pendant and if it was this beautiful colour it was appropriate to heal, if on the other hand it was off colour then healing was not appropriate. I had to ask one more question. Why would healing be inappropriate? I was told that souls plan their lives and at times an illness is planned as a means to learn a lesson or to assist another soul with their desired lesson. Somehow this made absolute sense to me.

Up to this point I had been doing my healing by passing the palm of my hand over the affected area. A lady from the Philippines saw something I wrote on Facebook and messaged me for healing help. There was no way I would be able to get close enough to pass my hand over the affected area, my inner voice said your thoughts will carry the energy. Over the years I have learned to trust my inner voice. I sent the healing with my thoughts and the result was amazing. I have since done Energy healing for this lady, her child and a cousin.

About five years ago a close family member of mine was diagnosed with kidney cancer, against her Doctors advice I told her to hold up on the surgery and let me do the healing for her. Her Doctor went along with her wish to delay surgery but asked that she do an MRI within six months to assess the situation. When the MRI was done, there was no sign of any cancerous growth. I also gave her an herbal extract which I made as insurance that all cancerous cells would be eliminated. She is still cancer free today.


I found Mr. Enos in some of his comment in a particular page that caught my interest to contact him im glad he replied me back, patiently answers all the queries I've had in mind and I found him a very genuine person, gentle, straight and a strong man who have all the love in the world and cares for everyone who needs his help in whatever way he can that's why when I have a lot of questions in my mind about life, spirituality his name always pop in and I always contacted him and glad whenever way he can he have always time for me and answers all the questions had set in even though we have different time frame because i lived in the land of Philippines and i believe his far from where I am but genuinely have time for me, he shared his wisdom about the life past life and also healing, he teaches me how to heal myself and my love ones in needs healing I love the wisdom he shared everything to me and I am very grateful and honoured to have found him online and hoping the bond and friendship continues. I would like to give this opportunity to give him thanks for all the help he sent in every difficult situation I had, Thank you very much Mr. Enos Anderson.


Jessel Uyvico

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