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Past Life Regression


Healing the mind, healing the present by finding the root causes in the past, connecting with loved ones.

Here is a list of conditions which can be addressed with the help of hypnotherapy:

FEARS & PHOBIAS                                                                  




















This list is in no way complete, and does not address issues that can be addressed through Regressive Hypnosis.

  • Unlocking Childhood memories

  • Discovering Past Lives

  • Physical Healing through PLR

  • Emotional Healing through PLR

  • Find the Root Cause of Emotional Problems

  • Uncover the Source of Pain and Illness

Past Life Regression

     Fear in your heart is like weeds in a flower garden; fear blocks the existence and growth of love. Release yourself from fear by discovering the immortality of your soul.

What happens when we die? Is Reincarnation real? Wouldn’t most of us like to know?

     With the aid of a special type of Hypnosis it is possible to get these answers; this hypnotic process is called (PLR) Past Life Regression. With the help of PLR therapy we are able to unearth childhood memories and memories of past lives lived. Past Life Regression validates the belief that reincarnation is reality, or to put it another way, proves that we do not cease to exist at the death of our bodies. But of what therapeutic value is this knowledge.

Some clients who have had initial success through conventional hypnotherapy report of relapses after a period of time; this does not mean that the persons resolve has weakened or that the therapy did not work. Contrary to that notion, the therapy worked as best as it could using that method. The successful resolution of any problem is to get to the root cause, and very often the root of a client’s problem lies in a past life. Let us look at the example of an obese person. This person with the help of Hypnotherapy was able to change his/her lifestyle by making healthy food choices and started to lose weight. But soon relapsed into old habits and the pounds came back. Past Life Regression therapy was recommended and the person discovered that in a past life as a woman she was very beautiful and because of her beauty she was abused by men in authority. She blamed her abuse on her physical beauty and wished that she were fat and ugly. Her obesity in this life is not because of greed but is a defence mechanism to protect her from any more abuse. After discovering the root of her problem she was able to successfully lose weight and maintain a healthy sixe.

Memories of traumatic events can be brought from a previous life into our current life and those memories can trigger debilitating illnesses, illnesses which defy all modern medical treatments. So how does the process work?


     The client is placed in a hypnotic trance and guided by the trained Past Life Regression therapist into a past life, a past life which might be the origin of a present day problem. While in this hypnotic state the client is able to verbally communicate with the therapist who will guide the client to the root of the problem. When the source of the problem is uncovered the client is able to process the events and release the old trauma. Upon awakening from the trance the client remembers everything and most amazingly the illness or problem frequently disappears. Dr. Brian Weiss MD, a leading PLR Practitioner said in his book, Through Time Into Healing, “I am still not able to identify the exact mechanism of the physical cures that take place as a result of the therapy, although I do have some ideas. The cure might lie in the simple act of remembering and re-experiencing an initial trauma, just as the act of re-examining a childhood trauma during conventional psychotherapy results in an emotional cure. Or the knowledge that the soul never dies, only the body does, could be the great healer”.


     I am sure a person suffering for a decade with chronic stomach pain does not really care about the intricacies of the cure, just that a miraculous cure has occurred and there are no side effects.


     Regression Therapy is also quite useful in unlocking childhood memories, freeing us from phobias developed in childhood or past lives and validating our belief in the immortality of the soul. In some cases more than one session is required to experience the desired results.


Testimony 6/2016! ! Mr. Anderson’s connection to me is through his sister Claudette, who has been a part of my family for over 30 years. Claudette and I had a conversation one morning about hypnosis and she said that her brother, Enos has been studying hypnosis for some years now.  A hypnotic session has been on my mind for some time. Needless to say, I was very interested to speak to him.! ! My first interaction with Mr. Anderson was through a telephone conversation. We spoke about similar beliefs on life and death and I felt we had some of the same spiritual beliefs. I agreed to have a session with him. Prior to the session, he sent me a meditation that would help me throughout my everyday life and would help prepare me for the session with him.  He was very clear on what the session would be like and so I proceeded to have a session with him.! ! On that day, we had a short meeting prior to the hypnotic session, he introduced me to his wife and we all spoke for a little and then had the session with Mr. Anderson.  During the session, we worked on relaxing, breathing and meditation. He guided me through my past, present lives and touched on future life.  At times, it was very emotional. He made me feel safe and comfortable.! ! I enjoyed this hypnotic session and have to say the feelings I had felt during the session lasted for days. I will always reflect back on that experience.  I would recommend Mr. Anderson as a hypnotic guide.  It was a wonderful experience. He guided me to a stronger connection with my soul.! ! Sandy - Pa., USA

Oct.22,2020: All the events that lead me up to this experience seem somewhat surreal, but in hindsight I understand and appreciate why it has happened. I am thankful, that Enos, was so kind to guide me in my search for answers. His perspective comes from his years of study and experience, yet he has the familiarity of an old friend that makes this journey one that I will recommend to anyone interested in PLRT. - Rox


August 21, 2022

The relationships in my current life has been impactful and I was curious in finding out if our souls had travelled together before . Taking on this new found perspective, I was careful in finding who could help guide me on this process. Enos was it !  . In my quest to unearthing my past lives, as my soul may have it , I wasn’t ready. However, I had the rare opportunity of glimpsing the future . The experience brought resounding clarity for me and having Enos help me through the process has certainly brought more delight to my path of new discovery.   

I recommend Enos as a guiding soul that can also help you on your own journey.


Yours truly 

C.F. Jamaica

~faith, hope ,love~


Written by Enos Anderson February 2018       

"Do not limit your perception of self to your earthly body, seek to discover and connect with your Soul" E. Anderson

 This handbook was written to answer frequently asked questions about the Soul and Reincarnation. It is available in Kindle format on amazon.


For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun?
And what is it to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?

BY Khalil Gibran.

Death, that dreaded word or state, but what exactly does it mean? I am sure it means a lot of different things to as many people who have thought about it. Many are afraid to even talk about this state, and for good reason, because we do not like to discuss that which we know little about and because the subject is seen as being morbid. But why should we avoid talking about something that we will all have to experience; because of fear, fear that has been planted in our psyche, mostly through religious teaching.

But is the word death, a misnomer for something else, something that is not to be feared, but to be embraced? Many years ago, when I was about 3 years old my father gave me a red and black cowboy hat, it was my most prized possession. I did not miss an opportunity to wear it, and as such, wear and tear finally destroyed it, I had to trash it. In my mind my hat died, true but my head was still alive. Where am I going with this line? The word death (relative to humans)  means the end of biological life, but are we just our biological bodies or do we also have a consciousness separate and apart from our physical bodies? My answer to that is yes.

About ten million Americans have reported what we call a Near Death Experience (NDE). Most related an experience where their consciousness was out of their (at the moment) dead bodies and they were resuscitated to tell of their experience. An experience which allowed them to see, hear and experience emotion while out of their bodies. These persons all report that when this consciousness returned to their physical bodies they returned from the brink of death or were resuscitated. Raymond Moody Jr. MD, has written extensively about the interviews he has conducted with thousands of these NDE survivors.

Death then is not the end of one’s consciousness, just the end of the biological being, the body. A better term then would be TRANSITION. Death could be said to be the act that facilitates the transition of the consciousness out of a used vessel. This consciousness is what I call the Soul, that immortal essence, our true self that is freed from the used body. But what happens to the soul when it is freed from the used vessel? When my mother passed some years ago, I had to call my employer and let them know I would be taking some time from work. Without thinking I said “my mom has gone home and I will be away for another two weeks” The person said, do you mean she died? I said no, she went home.

Through the termination of our biological vessel our Soul is freed to return home, home from whence we came, and the cycle is repeated. Some years ago a scientist by the name of Ian P. Stevenson set out to prove that REINCARNATION was not real, well today he is cited as the leading proponent of reincarnation. Up to the 4th century AD, reincarnation was an integral part of Christianity, but due to the fear of politicians, efforts were made to sanitize the Bible of its teachings. That did not work so well because the belief was well entrenched, which led the Emperor in the 6th century to declare the teaching of reincarnation a heretic crime. Most religions throughout history at one point or another have embraced reincarnation, and many still do.

In Jamaica I have heard the older people say things like “Mr. Brown will be dying soon because he is travelling” I have also heard many stories of terminally ill persons talking to their loved ones who went ahead of them, I never paid much attention until I heard my mother who was terminally ill talking to her brother who had passed many years ago. I have since learned that this phenomenon is not unique to Jamaica but is common throughout the world. How could these persons be talking to a dead person? Are they hallucinating? No they are communicating with the Soul/consciousness of their loved ones who are still alive.

Death then is the freeing of one’s Soul so that it can return home. It is not to be feared, it does not take you to hell, it has no hold over your true essence, and it does not separate us from our loved ones. We are able to feel the presence of our loved ones, see them in dreams, and communicate with them while we mediate or are in a deep hypnotic trance.

As painful as it is to be separated, let us console ourselves with the knowledge that such separation is not permanent.

Through a specialised form of Hypnotherapy called Past Life Regression, we are able to review past lives which we have lived. No memory is ever erased or lost and through Regression we are gifted with the opportunity to see or re-experience past lives. The fact that this is possible confirms to me that what we deem to be death is but a transition, a means by which the eternal Soul sheds its earthly body and returns home.

Enos S. Anderson

May 10, 2016

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