Title:  Relaxation

Voice: Enos Anderson

Written by:  Enos Anderson

Relaxation Demo - Enos Anderson
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Title:  Sugar Addiction

Voice: Enos Anderson

Written by:  Enos Anderson


The first night I listened to the relaxation tape I struggled to stay awake to listen to it in its entirety. It was so soothing but I wanted to listen to the end.  I was  sold on it after the first few minutes.   I am so excited and grateful to finally find a non-prescription solution for my insomnia. Alleluia!! I  find the tape highly effective and I love to listen to it as it gently soothes and relaxes  me as I drift off to sleep.  Mr. Anderson’s soothing voice blocks all competing thoughts as I gently fall asleep.   I was so pleasantly surprised and grateful  that it actually works.  The routine is  easy to memorize and is quite easy to follow.  I highly recommend it.   - JAG


Not living up to your true potential, not achieving your personal goals or not feeling proud of yourself: you could be suffering from Low Self Esteem. Lack of a healthy self-esteem can also lead to depression and acceptance of abusive relationships.

As a young man I had to take the bus from Harbour View in the East to Papine located at the foot of the famous Blue Mountains. Every morning I would walk to the bus stop with great anticipation because this was the morning I would say more than hello to the beautiful young lady at the bus stop, and just like all the mornings before all I would say was hello. I found all kinds of reasons to excuse my weak kneed behaviour, but none made me feel better or gave me to courage to break the ice. It took me some years to realise and admit that my low self-esteem was at the root of my failure.

It is quite normal, or even helpful to feel some jitters before presenting that research paper or making that speech which will earn you a promotion, but for some persons this nervousness or jitters stands in the way of their progress and growth.

Your self-esteem is basically how you see yourself and how you value yourself, and these views and ideas will determine how confident you feel and present yourself. These ideas of your self can be changed by you. There is no need to continue living in the shadows of a low self-esteem when you can take positive steps and claim what is rightly yours; your positive strong self-esteem.

No one is born with low self-esteem; it is developed because of external influences, which we in turn adopt and start to believe. It could be that we had demanding parents who wanted nothing but perfection, or jealous friends who constantly put us down in order to build up themselves, or a friend who set out to damage our self-esteem so that they can control you. All these external influences eventually determine how you see yourself and the self that you portray to the world and with time your subconscious takes over the manifestation of this negative self-worth.

With the help of my Confidence Building hypnosis tape you can erase those negative views and replace them with a healthy positive view of yourself which will rebuild your strong sense of self, create a healthy self- esteem, and prepare you step out into the world and claim what is rightly yours.


We need sleep; sleep to maintain our bodies and minds.

A good night’s sleep is a necessity for maintaining our bodies in harmony with our minds. Without enough quality sleep we fail to function at our physical and mental optimum. According to The National Sleep Foundation, adults need between 7.5 to 9 hours sleep each night. But quantity is not enough, we need quality sleep. Without enough quality sleep we run the risk of damaging our quality of life, we become less productive at work, we suffer from mood swings, our stress levels increase and we have a difficult time controlling our weight. Wow, whoever thought that sleep was so important?

Are you suffering from any of these?

  • Cannot get up without help

  • Always feel like getting a little more sleep before getting up

  • Runs out of energy in the afternoon

  • Cannot stay awake for the duration of a lecture or meeting

  • Gets drowsy after a heavy meal

  • Need to nap to get through the day

  • Falls asleep in the middle of your favourite show in the evening

  • Sleeps late on Saturdays and Sundays

If any of the above applies to you, you could be sleep deprived.

An overactive mind is the biggest enemy to a good night’s sleep. We review the past day’s events and then move on to planning for tomorrow’s interview, presentation or meeting. Then we realise that hours have gone by and we are still awake, so we start looking at the clock and become stressed because we know we will not get enough sleep. Our mind goes into panic mode and we cannot sleep until just before dawn when it is time to get up. The alarm clock jars us from our few minutes of sleep, we hit the snooze button to get a few precious minutes. We roll out of bed tired and grumpy; this is the start of a bad day.

You do not have to continue down this path; with the help of my Relaxation audio tape you can achieve the level of relaxation necessary for a good night’s sleep. Through hypnosis the mind is quieted and the body physically relaxes; the ingredients of quality restful sleep.

Sugar Addiction Demo - Enos Anderson
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Title:  Healing Light

Voice: Enos Anderson

Written by:  Enos Anderson

Title:  Ego Building

Voice: Enos Anderson

Written by:  Enos Anderson

Ego Building demo - Enos Anderson
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Title:  Confidence Building

Voice: Enos Anderson

Written by:  Enos Anderson

Confidence Demo - Enos Anderson
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Title:  Autoimmune Healing

Voice: Enos Anderson

Written by:  Enos Anderson

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