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The Full Story

I was born in Jamaica in 1953 
to the parents I chose before incarnating. When I was in my fifties and enjoying early retirement I followed my intuition and went to England to experience a Past Life Regression and my life was instantly changed. That experience ushered in the beginning of  my awakening. I was awakened to who I truly am, no longer did I believe that I was a human with a spirit/soul; I now knew that I was a Soul experiencing life in a human body. I wanted to tell the world, and that is what I have been doing ever since. I eventually wrote a small booklet  which aims to answer frequently asked questions about Reincarnation and Past lives. The journey into self knowing and self acceptance continues and will continue beyond this life time because I am an Immortal Soul.

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My Mission is 1. To help others to see their true selves, not the self that religion and ignorance has led them to believe they are. I will use my abilities as a Hypnotist, Medium and Energy Healer to usher others into the light.  2. To expose those who are ready to the reality that Death is only possible for their bodies and not their Souls.           3. Show all who are open to learn and those who need to know that they have the power to heal themselves with the power of their Subconscious.                                           4. To use Past Life Regression to validate Reincarnation.

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It is my VISION that in due course of time mankind will learn to rely upon himself for his HEALING and Spiritual Progress instead of relying on a fictional father.

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