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About Me

I really did not understand most of what I knew to be true and there was no one around to ask for help. Reality to the people around me, including my parents, was that we are born and we die and end up in heaven or hell. I had no idea what it was that would be reborn or how it happened; I just knew that it did.


Fast forward to the birth of the Internet, a wealth of information at one’s fingertips. I went in search of information about the afterlife; others must know something, what a disappointment when I came up emptyhanded. Well not really empty handed but without the information I was seeking. Due to the demands of family life and work my quest was shelved.


In 2007 I met a wonderful woman and we got married, ours was a full Catholic wedding. I was now retired, early retirement with a lot of time to read, think and travel. I clearly remember driving down our narrow country road when I raised the topic of reincarnation. My wife, before becoming a Catholic was a Hindu so the concept was not foreign to her. I shared with her my early childhood thoughts that I had lived before, I told her of the thoughts I have had since childhood, she in her usual reserved manner did not encourage the conversation so I continued, you know there might be a way to validate this notion. At this point she asked how, so I told her that there was a type of Hypnosis called regression which could take you back to earlier memories, even back to a past life. She said if that is what I wanted, let’s do it. So back I went to the Internet, only this time it was not in search of information about life after death but in search of a Hypnotist qualified in Regression. Of course there was none to be found in Jamaica, I would have to find one in some far away land. I found quite a few, some in the US and some in the UK. I allowed my intuition to guide me and of course it had to pick a Therapist in London, England.

We had plans of visiting England on our way to a Mediterranean cruise, so we planned our trip to include a visit to the therapist named Doug Buckingham, I am happy to say I was not disappointed. Doug Buckingham was professional without being stiff. Before our session he asked me what I thought at the time to be a strange question; "what would you like to fix in this session” my answer was nothing. Doug and I have since become friends and he has taken on the role of mentor to me. Before going to see Doug I discovered that there was a myriad of books and videos on reincarnation, past life regression and hypnosis in general. It took all my self-control to refrain from reading all I could. I did not read anything because I wanted to experience my regression with a clean slate, no false memories for me.

That was the day my life changed. My childhood musings were reality, after all these years my beliefs had been validated. I experienced a past life, one lived in Holland, experienced the escape of the soul from the expired body, I was beyond happy. I wanted to tell the whole world of my experience, but common sense held me back, my fear told me that I would be viewed as an idiot or worse as a mad man. Who could I safely share this validation with, besides my wife, who would listen? I went back to the Internet and found like minds and many books to dig into. I read books by Michael Newton, Brian Weiss, Robert Schwartz, Dolores Cannon, Trutz Hardo (Children who Have Lived Before) Toni Winninger, etc., etc.  I wanted to learn the art of Regressive hypnotism. Where could I study the art? Doug Buckingham to the rescue again; Doug was a senior instructor of the Past Life Regression Academy, and now runs his own school Cara - the Centre of Transformational Learning.When I told him of my desire he said I would first have to be a Certified Hypnotherapist before I could move on to Past Life Regression, what a bummer. If it is to be done it should be done the right way, so off I went to the PLRA training in Mexico, and what a ride that was. Very demanding course but worth the time and effort.


Now I was ready to learn the art of Regressive Hypnotism, with certificate in hand I headed to the OMEGA Institute to be trained by one of the pioneers in Regressive hypnotism, none other than Dr. Brian Weiss Md. And his beautiful wife Carole. Truly an experience.

Between May 15 and 20 I spent a week with 149 persons whom I have never met in this life, these persons came from all over the globe and represented 30 different countries and many ethnicities, and amazingly we all bonded and had a spiritually uplifting time. It is reassuring to see that humans of all colour, ethnicity and cultures can live in such harmony and love.


We were blessed to be able to find that which is common to us, that which is common to all humans; we are all souls on a journey of self-discovery. There were nurses, doctors, channelers, reiki practitioners, energy healers, councillors, acupuncture practitioners, psychics, hypnotherapists and many more. We were gathered there to learn and experience the power of hypnosis, but so much more happened. Amazing connections were made, new friendships forged, old friendships remembered and miracles experienced.

I went to Omega to learn from a master, an enlightened soul, by the name of Dr. Brian Weiss MD. The setting was ideal, beautiful gardens, serene spaces, birds and animals, streams and lakes; just the right setting for learning and experiencing. I was not disappointed. Many attendees experienced a past life, some connected with loved ones who had crossed over, but I had no such experience, yet I left there feeling grateful for being afforded the opportunity to have been there. I was moved by the displays of unconditional love, the desire of others to help and serve. I was so happy to help those who needed my help and to experience their gratitude was reward enough for me. It is truly in giving that we receive the most joy.


To dwell upon our perceived differences, robs us of the opportunity to celebrate our oneness, causes us to hate, breeds discord; but when we come to recognize that we are all pieces of the divine having an earthly experience, our souls true essence of pure love is recognized and freed.


Now I truly understand why Doug Buckingham asked me if there was anything I needed to fix during my regression session. Many miracles are documented in Dr. Brian Weiss’s book, Through Time Into Healing. These miracles all occurred when the root cause of the illness was traced to a past life.


Where will this knowledge and experience take me? That answer is twofold; on one hand it will serve as building blocks of my soul, another step that takes me closer to being reunited with Source. On the other hand that chapter is not yet written, but I hope it involves helping others to heal, to step into the light and to discover that we are more than our bodies, more than our conscious minds.

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